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We provide low sugar soft serve ice cream with rotating flavors from our self serve machines daily, along with a variety of take-home servings in cup, pint and quart size. We don't just offer ice cream! We also provide low carb pastas, breads, chips, muffins, pizzas and snacks, all in pre-packaged form. We hope you will be "D'Lited" in our taste and texture!


Our passion is to provide a low sugar/carbohydrate solution so you don't have to miss out on your favorite foods. The owner, Sam, found out he was diabetic and he couldn't indulge in sweet treats the way he used to. When searching for healthier options, none were available, except one: D'Lites ice cream. Sam tried the soft serve ice cream at the D'Lites Austin location, and was instantly hooked! The texture and taste is the same as other 'regular' soft serve

ice cream, but for a 4 fl oz serving at 2g of sugar for chocolate and 3 g of sugar for vanilla,

it can't be beat!

It's so good that Sam would make the 2.5 hour drive to Austin just to take

home their to-go pints of ice cream. 

In effort to support the low sugar / low carbohydrate lifestyle, we also provide a variety of pastas, breads, flour, chips, and snacks. You no longer need to sacrifice texture and taste!

Swing by and try our products today!

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